Let the warmth and glow come through...

Master Flame™ Fire Pit Safety Screen
Exclusive from Aspen Industries, the Master Flame brand Fire Pit Safety Screen is available for either square or round fire pits. It keeps the hazardous embers from sparking and scattering around the gathering area, yet allows the warmth and lively glow of the fire to come through. The hinged design allows access for simple fire management.

Fire Pit Screen Features
  • Welded Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Option
  • Round, Dome, Rectangular or Square-Shaped
  • 24" to 60" diameter or square up to 80" (length plus width) Sizing and ordering information on Product Sheet below - downloadable pdf.
  • Optional Hinged Access Panel(s)
  • Custom sizes available
  • Quality – Our world class manufacturing and exceptional product design
  • Prevents sparks and embers from flying out of the pit – even in the wind
  • Helps prevent accidents, contains incendiary sparks, ash
    and soot
  • Prevent direct contact with open flame
  • Will help comply with local ordinances
High Grade Carbon Steel Models
  • 1/4" x 1" solid steel flat bar framework
  • Steel mesh screen (8 x 8 per sq. inch; 0.28 gauge steel wire)
  • Stainless steel hinges on hinged models
  • High heat-resistant electrostatically applied finish
Stainless Steel Models
  • 1/4" x 1" solid stainless steel flat bar framework
  • Stainless steel mesh screen (8 x 8 per sq. inch; 0.26 gauge stainless steel wire)
  • Stainless steel hinges on hinged models
  • High heat-resistant electrostatically applied finish

    Pivot Aninated
High Grade Carbon Steel Fire Grates
  • Welded 5/8" carbon steel bar stock
  • Also available in stainless steel
  • Oval shape - campfire style
  • Ideal for fire pit or fireplace
High Grade Steel Fireplace Grates
  • Designed for wood burning fireplaces - indoor or Outdoor
  • Choice of welded 5/8" OR 1/2" carbon steel bar stock
  • Also available in stainless steel
  • Standard Fireplace Shape -Largest Width in front; smaller width in back
  • 17" Deep (Front to Back)
  • 5" Legs for optimal air circulation
Stainless Steel Pokers
  • Designed for wood burning fireplaces - or fire pits.
  • Welded 304 Stainless Steel rod; 3/8" diameter for long
    term duty.
  • Closed cell vinyl foam handle for insulation, comfort and positive grip - even when wet; rated from -40 degrres to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 40 " in length.
  • Two styles to choose from: Style #1 features "back angle" design tip for pulling and moving wood logs when tending the fire; Style #2 features "hook back" design tip.
How to Size and Order

Master Flame Fire Pit Screen & Grate Product Update 0412

GRATE™ GRILLER Fire Pit Accessory for Cooking
  • GRATE GRILLER™ all stainless steel platform holds standard stainless steel grills (up to 30") over fire pit for cooking.
  • One standard 21" grill supplied with accessory.
  • Stainless steel clamp mount fits most brand fire grates.
  • Grill height adjustable in 1" increments up to 23" off the ground.
  • Optional free standing base with stakes (for use with campfire or without grate.

GRATE GRILLER in Low Position and Highest Position


Free Standing Option and Standard Grate Mount Clamp


Fire Pit Safety Screen (Ember Screen/Spark Screen)

Welded Carbon Steel Fire Pit Screen - Hinged Model Round
Open hinged panels to attend fire; close to keep sparks and embers safely contained!

Masterflame Round Hinged Fire Pit Safety Screen shown.

Hinged Models

Round Model Open spaver Round Model Closed

Square/Rectangle Model Closed
Square/Rectangle Model Open

Dome Model

Dome Model - No Hinge


Pivot Model Dome
Pivot Model Closed

Pivot Model Open


Fire Grate

Oval-shaped grate (Measure tip-to-tip for length and width.) 21" x 24", 24" x 27", 27" x 30" or 30" x 33"


Round-shaped grate (Measure tip-to-tip
across.) 24", 27", 30",33", 36" or 38" dia.


Fireplace Grate (Sized by widest leg distance.) 20", 24", 28" or 32"


Poker, 40" length,
Style 1 (Back Angle) and
Style 2 (Hook Back)


Char-Guard Option

The Char-Guard Option is a heavy duty steel mesh fitted and welded to the underside of the grate. improves complete burn consistency,simpler ash clean-up and allows you the option of
using charcoal. Available for all grates.

MASTER FLAME “JUMBO” Sceens & Grates

Custom "Jumbo" Screens & Grate Information

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